The Atlantic Avengers are challenging themselves by rowing across the Atlantic, 3800 miles to raise money for three very worthy charities. Help us reach their target by challenging yourself.

What 3000 things can you do?  Can you eat 3000 baked beans, hop on a pogo stick, sew 3000 stiches, keep quiet for 3000 minutes!  It’s totally up to you, go on go wild.  Take part on your own or as a team Ramble 3000 meters.  Become an Atlantic Avenger and sign up on line using the Registration form below.  Donate £10;00 and receive your superhero pack with a mask. Post a picture, video and Tweet away.

Go on get out there, have fun and of course get counting!

You can also buy one of our Atlantic Avenger T-Shirts for £12.00.  Select your size and well send it with your pack.